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Urs Seiler speaks at IMEX Frankfurt

Urs Seiler speaks at IMEX Frankfurt


Whoever is working in the event business beyond his national borders, relies on a strong local partner. The International Special Events Society ISES is a global network of experienced event professionals and thus, exactly their field of expertise.

A global perspective is no longer solely a privilege of large companies. It is also evident worldwide in research, education/training or in the competing comparisons of smaller companies. The Google age has made possible the research and worldwide comparison of companies.

As businesses open up in the global village in previously unheard of dimensions, there is the possibility to discover tried and tested business partners abroad for co-operation beyond one’s own country borders. What Google doesn’t achieve, is the establishing of trust, which is offered by established specialized networks. The member list of the International Special Events Society ISES offers exactly this: A network of experienced, owner-managed agencies and service providers of the event industry all over the world, providing reliable contractors for business management and reliable planning in unknown regions.

Event Trends

Globalization has led to greater comparison possibilities and increasing intensification of pricing competition. The result being that clients for events demand a higher measurability of event efficacy. The recent worldwide recession has resulted in clients relying more for their event services on in-house services. It has led to an increase in competition among service providers and a reduction in the number of existing agencies. The event agency landscape is in the midst of a restructuring process that will continue for some time to come.


The International Special Events Society ISES is not just a network. It is also an educational forum for personal contact and exchange of knowledge. As a prerequisite, in order to be able to compete on the global market, it is important to maintain knowledge and skills at the latest level. ISES offers numerous networking and training events at regular intervals and various locations or at other established events.

At IMEX, the trade fair for incentive travel, meetings and events held from 20th to 22nd May 2014 in Frankfurt featured Kevin White, President Elect of ISES International, showing how one can learn from Google, Disney and further innovative market leaders in an event-driven economy which is driven by a high level of creativity. Dr. Urs Seiler, owner of the communications agency, Smartville in Zurich, spoke on the topic of how one can achieve better results, even in sales, using the benefits of mental training. Knowledge is a competitive element. The International Special Events Society ISES promotes acquiring knowledge for its members in the field of business acquisition.

Creative in Seattle

The International Special Events Society ISES is a worldwide association of 7,500 members of the event industry, composed of over 50 chapters. Its presentation at IMEX in Frankfurt was under the auspices of James Morgan, Affiliate Chair ISES EMEA and owner of James Morgan Associates, and Christian Seidenstücker, President ISES Central Europe as well as partner and CEO of JOKE Event Inc. with branches in Bremen, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart.

From 18th to 20th August 2014, at one of ISES top conferences, the knowledge platform “ISES Live” runs with the main topic creativity. The international conference is aimed at worldwide event professionals. For years ISES has maintained permanent and active communication with relevant interest groups and is always open to new members.

ISES Partnership with Cvent

The International Special Events Society ISES announced at IMEX 2014 in Frankfurt a new partnership with Cvent, the branch leader for cloud-based event management platforms. Cvent offers a range of services from online events and registration services to webinars and in addition, a tailor-made educational curriculum for ISES members. James Morgan said at IMEX: “The partnership with Cvent will provide ISES members with greater added value and we look forward to building and developing the educational aspect through this partnership.”

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