A fair without the PRess: a mess

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Sindex, Berne: When roboters create roboters.
Sindex, Berne: When roboters create roboters.

What do you think of the following success rate?

For a pr budget of £ 7’500 our agency Smartville has produced press coverage for one of our customers equivalent of £ 31’250 in his target media. The pr budget has not only paid for itself, it has worked as a multiplier for value for money. There is no question that with a dedicated marketing campaign costs can be held low und the attention of existing and potential customers high.

But the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign must go beyond sheer awareness but to generate more revenues, according to the well know AIDA tactics: attention, interest, desire, action.

For a German customer we have undertaken match-making for so called dream dates and dream contacts. Result: Qualified dream dates with high profile potential customers. Our customer may have achieved a similar success over a period of time. But working with Smartville has enabled him to focus on his core business.

For another customer we have launched a trade show campaign. For Sindex in Berne, Switzerland our customer has dispatched 4000 e-mail invitations to come and visit their stand. Smartville has created an invitation that produced response. And the idea to focus the follow-up campaign not exclusively on the show visitors but the non-attendees with the headline: «You have been unable to attend the show, now we bring the show to you». That’s communication gone one step further.

Smartville conducts sales- and trade show trainings and teaches communication and PRess work which produces results. Trade show success does not arise on the m2 alone, but through communication tactics. And the business is generated after the show.

P.S. Such are the topics of our sales- and tradeshow trainings «How to sell more, better and faster + Fairs without the PRess: a mess». The next trainings take place in Zurich, Switzerland on 26 October. und 3. November 2012. Registration here.


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