Above- or below-the-line?

Written by Urs on . Posted in Messe CEO

Spend your communications-budget on-the-line.
“Spend your communications-budget on-the-line.”

A lot of events-agencies claim that they support their customer’s live marketing events with social media activities. When you then have a look at their own social media site you often encounter sheer wasteland. Social network marketing resembles a bit the snow monster Yeti: Everybody knows it but no-one has ever seen it. We recommend: If your business is another business, i.e. you are active in business:to:business trade, neglect it. If your customers are consumers, tap into it and monitor it.
With as little expense as possible. Just use social networks as a multiplier of your existing communication and pr-work. Feed them with your existing fodder.
But if social media are mostly neglectable, what’s a good way to generate new business? In the words of John Ford: Which 50% of your advertising-budget is wasted and which 50% are not? We say: That half which is spent on various channels and not on an ad-hoc basis but rather on a long term scale produces new business.
Why not make a start with a new campaign with your existing customers? Remember the old pareto rule. With 20% of our customers we generate 80% of our turnover. But think in terms of «campaigning» not customer relationship management, because it sharpens your and your teams awareness of the goal: to sell more, better and faster. If you don’t do it – well you might arrive at the other 50%.

Urs Seiler / www.smartville.ch